Maestros 大師風采

  • Esteban和Claudia 被譽為「神級組合」。他們全身都散發著滿滿的探戈味道,Esteban的翩翩風度、Claudia 的冷艷優雅和他們共舞時的風采,一舉手一投足都讓人感受到「探戈就是這樣」的感覺。難怪他們被獲邀擔任西班牙1992年塞維利亞世界博覽會的阿根廷探戈大使為期半年,向全世界展示阿根廷探戈。


  • Esteban&Claudia是具有舞台震撼力的探戈舞者,也是全球公認的頂級探戈大師和編舞家。他們傳承探戈的傳統,並不斷探索探戈的可能性。他們走在探戈世界的前尖,跳出自己的風格,世界各地的探戈舞者都蜂擁追隨他們。他們共舞二十五載,他們對新一代的探戈舞者和各探戈大師都有著深遠的影響力。


  • Esteban 和 Claudia 為促進與保存探戈的文化,於2002年在里昂和布宜諾斯艾利斯成立了Union Tanguera探戈公司,致力培訓人才、推廣藝術、教學,並與不同界別的藝術家進行硏究與藝術交流。他們所創作的各個舞劇極受國際推祟,亦多次與各地的文化局合作。舞劇曾在加拿大,法國,意大利,荷蘭、奧地利及美國等不同國家公演。


  • Esteban and Claudia, are well familiar to the Argentine Tango society as the legendary partnership. One can rarely miss Esteban’s charisma and Claudia’s elegance on the dance floor. Together their graceful movements breathe and live the sentimental essence of the motto:“Life is Tango”. Hence, it was in no surprise that they were warmly invited as the Argentina ambassadors at the World Expo in Seville in 1992. During the 6-month period, Esteban & Claudia generously introduced Argentine Tango to the world. This pursuit holds true to this day.


  • Esteban & Claudia are not only dancers with unforgettable stage presence, they are also world-renowned Tango maestros and choreographers. While embracing the rich inheritance of the soul of Tango, they never cease to unfold innovation and possibilities. It is with such steadfast dedication, Esteban & Claudia reveal time and again a fresh breeze of style to the Tango community. Tango lovers all over the world are swept off their feet over E & C performance and teaching. This is their 25th year of artistic partnership as a Tango couple. Their prominent influence stays timeless across fellow Tango maestros and emerging Tango dancers.


  • With a mission to preserve the heritage and to promote Argentine Tango in the contemporary world, Esteban & Claudia together established Unión Tanguera in 2002 at Lyon and Buenos Aires. It is a company that vows to nourish modern art through professional training and to provide a platform for cross-genre artistic collaboration and researches. Their productions consistently received overwhelmingly positive reviews across the international press and audiences. The company also played an active role in multiple Tango festivals organized by the Ministry of Arts & Culture of various countries. Unión Tanguera has conducted theatrical performances in Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria and the United States.
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