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Trio Spin Studio

  • Trio Spin Studio創立是為了把 Candy  and  Anita 覺得最美好的「阿根廷探戈」分享給其他人。16年來一直從不間段地實踐這個目標的她們把自己的舞功透過每周的常規課程、每月的特別班、私人課中全部傳授給學生們。還不定期舉辦Milonga讓學生們得到全面的探戈文化。
  • 每年Trio Spin Studio 會邀請阿根廷探戈大師到港舉行工作坊與表演。她們抱開放的態度精心地設計有系統、針對個人需要和承舊啟新課程內容,當中都可見她們完整及貫徹的教學理念。
  • 她們讓學生們一個又一個認識自己的身體及動作,通過阿根廷探戈,可以令人感動,可以令人快樂。然後學生們學識了,從令人感動、令人快樂的過程裡面,找到自己的感動自己的快樂。
  • Trio Spin Studio was founded with a mission by Candy and Anita: “To share the beauty of the life-transforming Argentine Tango with others”. In 16 years, they dedicate themselves unwaveringly to stay true to this commitment. With no holding back, they happily share their tango knowledge through weekly classes, monthly special classes, and private lessons. The monthly milonga has been a tradition to facilitate the experience of tango culture.
  • Every year Trio Spin Studio would invite Argentine Maestros to carry out tango workshops and performances. Candy and Anita applied their rich tango experience to develop an integrative and comprehensive learning model. Open-minded interactions, tailor-made skills training, and a transitional style that embraces traditions and contemporary, these are the three fundamental elements in this model.
  • Candy and Anita devote to facilitate an experiential learning of body sensation and movement. Through Argentine Tango, the emotional sensations are awakened. Hence, students experience a new sense of joy while being. Learning how to fully embrace one’s self in the search of happiness, this is the dream that we love to be accessible to everyone THEY encounter through tango.

Candy Sze (Facebook) and Anita Sze (Facebook)


Hong Kong Tango Argentino Association 香港阿根廷探戈協會

  • 在有心人Candy & Anita Sze 的推動下,我們在二○○四年成立香港阿根廷探戈協會
  • 過去十四年,我們舉辦了不同類型的活動,推廣阿根廷探戈,深化本地舞者對阿根廷探戈文化的熱情和認識,我們結合了一班志同道合的阿根廷探戈愛好者
  • 以這個舞蹈的最根本、最核心的價值去舉辦所有探戈活動是我們的宗旨,是我們的堅持
  • 我們相信唯有這份純粹的堅持讓人真正感受到探戈的價值及文化,它怎樣給予我們的身體和心靈極大的自由,而這種自由是世上難能可貴的快樂
  • Through the diligence and encouragement of Candy & Anita Sze, Hong Kong Tango Argentino Association was established in 2004.
  • Within the past decade, Hong Kong Tango Argentino Association organized various activities to promote Argentine Tango. Our mission is to deepen the understanding and passion towards Argentine Tango in Hong Kong. We have gathered a group of like-minded Argentine Tango lovers, who manifest determination to follow this mission in all of our events.
  • It is our belief that by following these core value, we facilitate others to experience the true meaning and culture of Tango. The experience brings liberation to our body and soul. Indeed, such freedom is an invaluable gift of joy in this world.
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