Prices 費用


工作坊全套票費用    (全套票共12 小時)


全套票  3600
全套票 港幣 3800



除了以上全套票外,我們還提供自組組合, 讓你可靈活地選擇你喜愛的課程:


1小時HKD330 x 你的課堂時數**

所有課堂為1.5小時, 唯 The secret of Ochos & Pivoting, In depth exploration on Nowadays Social Tango, Musicality: Rhythmic & melodic 課為2小時

例如,如果你上3節課堂 (其中包括2節1.5小時之課堂和1節2小時之課堂),你需要支付的費用為:5小時x HKD 330= HKD 1650** 。



2018年10月1日至10月10日前報名及繳款  HKD320

2018年10月11日至10月31日報名及繳款 HKD 330

即場繳款 HKD 350

舞會團體入場優惠 (10人同行)

2018年10月1日至10月13日前報名及繳款       HKD 3000 (10人同行)



  • 如不能出示繳款證明, 閣下將損失報名資格。
  • 報名及繳款手續辦妥後, 閣下將收到我們的確認電郵。
  • 一切已繳費用概不發還及延期,參與者之自動缺席將不獲退款及轉換課堂。
  • 學費及學額均不可轉讓他人,只有報名者才可上課。
  • 如遇八號風球或黑色暴雨警告懸掛,當天受影響的工作坊課堂及/或舞會將取消。因颱風或其他惡劣天氣而被取消之課堂,恕不另行通告,亦將不安排補課及退款。


  • 香港阿根廷探戈協會及Trio Spin Studio and Productions Ltd.保留更改課堂時間、地點及所有條款的權利。
  • 工作坊之職員可要求學員提供身份證明,以核對學員資格。如未能出示者,主辦單位有權拒該學員上課。
  • 香港阿根廷探戈協會及Trio Spin Studio and Productions Ltd.不會對工作坊及舞會參與者之男女人數比例負責。
  • 香港阿根廷探戈協會及Trio Spin Studio and Productions Ltd.恕不負責參與者在工作坊及舞會中之個人意外、財物損失及參加者損壞場地設施之賠償。


Price for Full Package     (Total: 12 hours of lessons)

Early bird Full Package
From 1 to 10 Oct 2018 HKD 3600
Regular Full Package
From 11 to 31 Oct 2018 HKD 3800

Each package is for one person. Package cannot be shared with another party/parties.


Price for Flexible Package and Single lesson 

Apart from the above full package, we also offer the flexible package to provide more flexibility.

The price of ONE hour lesson in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) shows as below. You can choose your combination and the cost of the package will subject to the total number of hours of lessons you will take.

HKD330 per hour x number of hours of lessons

If you enrol for 3 classes, say, two 1.5 hrs and one 2-hour lesson, the total cost is:(5 hours x 330) = HKD 1650.

The duration of all classes are 1.5 hrs. (except The secret of Ochos & Pivoting, In depth exploration on Nowadays Social Tango, Musicality: Rhythmic & melodic are 2 hrs)


Price for Grand Milonga
EARLY BIRD Privilege
From 1 to 10 Oct 2018 HKD 320
From 11 to 31 Oct 2018 HKD 330
Walk In HKD 350

Group discount for Grand Milonga (A Group of 10)  From 1 to 13 Oct 2018 HKD3000

Bookings will be processed on a first come first served basis, following by full payment to confirm the booking.


Booking & Refund Policy

  • Failure to show payment proof will automatically lose registration priority.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from us if your registration is completed with payment settled.
  • No refund for the entire workshop and milonga after your payment has been settled.  No full or partial refund for unattended session.  Payment made for attending classes/grand milonga of the workshop cannot be used to settle other TS course fees or charges of TS /HKTAA activities.
  • Fees & Places are not transferable.
  • The workshop and milonga will be cancelled if No. 8 typhoon signal or black rainstorm warning is hoisted on the event day. No make-up class or refund will be arranged for classes cancelled due to bad weather.


  • Hong Kong Tango Argentino Association (“HKTAA”) and Trio Spin Studio & Productions Ltd (“TS”) reserve the right: (1) to change the time & venue of the classes should it be necessary and (2) to change the Policy without prior notice.
  • Our staff may require participants to provide their identity certificates so as to verify students’ identities.
  • Our staff reserves the right to stop those who failed to prove their identities from taking classes.
  • HKTAA and TS are not responsible for uneven number of dance partners.
  • HKTAA & TS are not responsible or liable for any personal injury and/or property damage or loss sustained by participants during classes and the milonga.
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