Private Lesson 私人課




  • 能給予個別關注和評語予學生,引導及啟發學生進步
  • 讓學生了解深入的探戈概念及技巧
  • 指導學生改進及調整個人的技術、姿勢等

是次 Esteban Moreno & Claudia Codega 這兩位神級探戈大師將會於11月9日、12日和13日教授私人課堂。有興趣的探戈舞者們,要抓住這個機會向他們學習,並把你的探戈推至另一個新領域啊!

一位大師教授一位學生 /  一位大師教授兩位學生

所有私人課堂會於Trio Spin Studio舉行。
Trio Spin Studio將分為兩個舞室。兩個私人課程會在同一時段舉行。

地址: 香港中環皇后大道中228-238號聯業大廈5樓504至505室

請於 10月20日起電郵至 。因私人課堂名額有限,有興趣的舞者請盡早電郵給我們。報名次序我們將以報名郵件所列時間先後進行處理。 *預約11月9日私人課堂,將獲優先處理*

電郵主題:EC Private 2018
1.   你可以上課的時段? (日期:11月9日、12日和13日,希望能讓更多同學能上大師的課堂,請大家盡量提供可上課的時段由幾點至幾點,方便我們為大家安排)
2.  你希望想上幾多課?
3.  你希望與那位大師上課?(Esteban / Claudia)


Private lessons play a very important role in every tango dancers’ learning process!

In private class, You can

  • Receive individual attention and comments from the instructors, which will guide and inspire you for your learning and practicing
  • Understand the in-depth concepts and skills of tango
  • Feel and fine-tune your personal skill, posture etc.

Esteban Moreno and Claudia Codega, two professional and experienced tango masters will teach private lessons in Hong Kong on 9, 12 and 13 Nov 2018. Tango dancers, please seize this opportunity to learn from them and let them inspire your tango journey!

Class Format:
One Master to one student, or  One Master to two students

All private classes will be held at Trio Spin Studio.
Trio Spin Studio will be divided into two compartments and two private lessons may take place in the same time slot.

Address: 5th Floor, Room 504-505 Enterprise Building, 228-238 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan.

Registration and inquiries
Please mail to by 20 Oct 2018 onwards. Please show your interest as soon as possible due the time slots available for private lessons are limited and will be reserved on a first come first served basis.

The process of handling the registration will depend on the receiving time of your email and the priority will be given to the students who book the private classes on Nov 9 2018.

Please use “EC Private 2018” for the subject of your email

Please include the following points in your email:
1. When will you be available for attending the private lesson(s)? Please specify available timeslot(s) on 9, 12 and 13 Nov 2018. In order to provide more private lessons time slots to the students, please try to provide your available time slots as much as possible (from what time to what time you will be available for privates), and we will match organize for you.
2. How many lessons you would like to attend?
3. You would like to take lessons with Esteban / Claudia.


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